Growing Organic Oyster Mushrooms At Home

If you’re a fan of mushrooms this kit is extremely easy to try!

With the pandemic still raging on, many of you may be looking for some ways to pass the time. I know there are a lot of kids at home being home schooled and I thought this may be the perfect thing to pique their interest in science. You can purchase some of these kits at your local plant nursery or online here. In your kit you will get one organic oyster mushroom starter, a small mister, and instructions.

Getting Started

I will suggest growing your mushrooms on a plate and not in the box it comes in because you will have to mist your mushrooms daily and the box gets soggy. It just makes it easier to mist regularly, harvest your mushrooms, and limit mess.

Remove the mushroom packing from the box and slice an X into the plastic packaging. Then carefully peel back the plastic and rake the mushroom starter to wake it up. Once you’ve done this, soak the mushroom starter X side down overnight. This ensures that the contents become evenly moist and will cause the mushrooms to grow.

Let The Growth Begin

Once the starter has soaked overnight, place the bag X side up on a plate and place in an area where it won’t get any direct sunlight. Be sure to keep your mushroom starter evenly moist. You will have to mist them at least twice a day, about 7-8 sprays each time. Slowly you will notice some growth starting to emerge! This is called pinning. It should look like little white dots emerging from the moist substrate.

Look At Them Grow

Once pinning starts to happen light and temperature will determine the look and rate of which your fungi will grow. If you have really warm temperatures your mushrooms will grow a lot faster. Cooler temperatures causes a slower growth rate. Lighting will change the look of your mushrooms too. More light will cause your mushrooms to look a bit brown and less light makes mushrooms look more gray. With regular airflow mushrooms will develop larger caps. Limited airflow makes mushrooms look lanky and thin.

Mushrooms will be ready for harvesting within 10 days! You can also try to grow a bonus set of mushrooms by repeating all the steps on the other side of the mushroom starter.


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