Terrarium: 33 Glass Gardens To Make Your Own (Book Review)

If you love DIY’s, you’re gonna love this book! Filled with 33 different terrarium ideas to try!

Terrarium is a book written by Anna Bauer and Noam Levy and is a comprehensive guide to all things terrarium. A great book to reference to over and over again, it answers many questions one may have when creating their own glass garden.

Book Summary

Terrarium is a great book for information and inspiration. It is filled with 33 different glass garden ideas for you to try and all of them are beautiful! It covers all the basics from choosing soils, to plants, and materials for your own glass garden. If you are ever curious about creating a terrarium, this is definitely the book to get.

Overall this book is pretty straight forward, no fluff just straight to the point. It is very easy to understand and follow along with. The book provides detailed step-by-step instructions for all 33 glass garden ideas, equipped with photos and a complete ingredients list to help follow along with.

What I Liked The Most

I really appreciate that this book explains the science behind why terrariums work the way they do. It explains the process of photosynthesis and condensation and how these help to sustain a healthy terrarium. I love knowing how things work and operate, so I really appreciate that they explained this. Building a terrarium isn’t just about aesthetics, you’re creating a mini ecosystem. Understanding how this mini ecosystem works gives longevity to your glass garden.

What I’ve Learned

In this book, there are many different eco systems that you can recreate and having info on how to create them and care for them is amazing. The care tips section is awesome and has a “troubleshooting” section to help with the negatives that may occur when trying to recreate a mini ecosystem.

When I purchased this book, I thought it would just be cool aesthetic ideas to recreate in a glass garden, but each terrarium idea is actually modeled after a specific place and location! You get to recreate a mini forest in Japan or a jungle in Malaysia. This was a great surprise for me and makes creating these mini ecosystems feel special.

About The Authors

Anna Bauer and Noam Levy are the founders of Green Factory in Paris, France. Green Factory is a stunning boutique specializing in, you guessed it, terrariums! In their boutique they sell mini glass gardens and educate others on how to make and care for them too.

If you would like to support and follow along on their journey you can find them @greenfactory on Instagram or their website here.

If you would like to purchase a book for yourself, you can find it on Amazon here.


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