House Of Plants (Book Review)

If you were looking for a beautiful book filled with fun DIY’s and some great care tips, this book is for you!

Book Summary

House Of Plants is a beautifully written book filled with some great basic tips to help you care for your plants. It’s a great tool for any beginner wanting to gain more confidence in gardening. The book is also filled with some great diy ideas that are perfect for the more experienced gardener as well.

What I Liked Most

I absolutely love the DIY’s in this book! They are pretty easy to understand and recreate. I also really loved the photos and art work in this book. The imagery is pretty amazing and gives the book a really great feel to it. Something I want to pick up and just look at over and over again.

What I learned From This Book

A few of the DIY recipes in this book was definitely new information for me. There is a recipe for homemade fertilizer that I thought was pretty cool and can’t wait to try. I learned some new care tips for some pretty great plants as well.

About the Authors

House Of Plants is the first book written by Caro Langton and Rose Ray of RoCo. They are designers that help local businesses and companies incorporate more greenery into their spaces. They love transforming urban spaces and showcasing the benefits of bringing the outdoors in.

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself, you can find it here. If you would like to follow their journey on Instagram, you can find them @studio.roco. Be sure to check out their website as well here.


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