Supporting Local Businesses During Quarantine

How you can help local businesses during quarantine.

Quarantine has been tough on everyone. Small businesses may never recover from this and a lot of people have been layed off. If you would like to see how you can help and support the local businesses you love, here are a few tips.

How You Can Help

Purchasing a gift card – If you can, please do. A little goes a long way. Its great for you and it’s great for the business. You can use the gift card toward online purchases or when the store is up and running again.

Write a review – If you love a shop, write a review! Spreading positivity and kind words that reflect why you love a certain business is a great way to show support.

Shop online – If you can, shopping online is a great option. Loads of shops have great online shopping available. You can still have great product delivered right to your door. Some shops even offer curbside pickup!

Give them a shout out – Marketing a favorite shop online is a wonderful way to show support. You can tag them online through Facebook or Instagram. All that postivity shows how much you appreciate those businesses and can attract more customers.

Send a message – Sending a thank you note or a gift to a local business is a great way to brighten someones day. You can also ask what are things you can do to support their business in particular.

Please be patient – Everyone is doing the best they can. For a lot of businesses, operating during a quarantine is uncharted territory. With everything going through the post, packages may be delayed. Having some patience will greatly help during this time.


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