How To Propagate A Pineapple

A while back I purchased a Pineapple plant in bloom. In typical bromeliad fashion, the plant started to die and created some new pups in the process. Here is how I separated them.

First, you’re going to loosen the soil around the roots and base of the plant. Locating the base of the pup, carefully break away the pup from the parent plant. Try to take as much of the roots for the pup as possible.

Once the pup is separated, you can now pot it up in a planter of your choice. Make sure the planter has a drainage hole and be sure to use very well draining soil. My soil has a lot of perlite and rock in it to promote drainage. Once your pup is planted, give it a good watering and place in a sunny place.

Down below is my new pineapple plant in my pineapple planter. If you’re interested in a pineapple planter for yourself, you can find them in my shop here. Enjoy!

A pineapple plant for my Pineapple planter.


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