10 Plant Shops To Follow On Instagram

Instagram is great for finding inspiration and awesome businesses to shop from. Through IG, I have discovered so many different types of plants and amazing ways to display them. Listed here, in no particular order, are some great plant shops that I have been following on Instagram lately. If you were looking for a little inspiration, these accounts will definitely help with that!

I know that there are so many more shops that I have missed, so if you would like to share your favorites, feel free to comment. I’m always open to getting inspired!


Founded in 2017, Arium Botanicals is a beautiful plant shop in Portland, Oregon. They are an LGBTQ and vegan owned business, that prides themselves on being a safe place for all people to come and appreciate plants. They post lots of drool worthy aroid plants and gorgeous local pottery.


Rooted NYC is a plant shop founded in 2018. “The Plantboys”, as they are called, offer a really cool space to hangout and appreciate plants. Their Instagram has some great photos for inspiration as well as some hilarious memes. Definitely worth checking out!


This Instagram account is everything you would think of from a plant shop in Hawaii. Founded in 2012, Paiko is a vibrant and colorful store, filled with a love for all things nature, design, and Hawaii. It’s filled with gorgeous tropical flowers that will make you wanna book an island getaway. Definitely one of my favorite shops to visit!


This next plant shop takes us down under to Newcastle, Australia! This Instagram feed is amazing! I love the white walls with the greenery everywhere. The pops of color from the local planters really ties it all together. If you were looking for ways to showcase your plants, this is a great feed for inspiration. The store is covered from floor to ceiling with plants!


Crimson Horticultural Rarities is a gorgeous shop located in Oakland, California. This shop is amazing and definitely one to visit! Their feed is filled with lush plants, beautiful florals, and cool local pottery. With all these rich colors and gorgeous plants, what’s not to love?!


This stunning shop opened it’s doors in 2003, and has been a fan favorite in the San Francisco area since. Their Instagram is definitely inspiring, not just indoor spaces but for outdoor spaces. Always bright and colorful, this feed is filled with a different array of plants not usually seen in houseplant feeds.


This design savvy shop is located in Los Angeles, California. This feed is filled with tons of photos of awe inspiring locations as well as cool interior designs. Their displays and plant photos definitely inspire me! If I’m ever in the L.A. area, I will definitely visit.


This North Carolina shop first opened it’s doors in 2016, and has been nothing short of whimsical and cheery! The Zen Succulent is sure to put a smile on your face. I can’t help but feel happy when I look through their feed! They showcase a great variety of color and design. From macrame, to living walls , to terrariums, this feed will definitely inspire.


Founded 2001, this Portland shop has it all! If you are a fan of ginormous tropical plants, this feed is for you. Pistils Nursery has a great variety of tropical and arid plants to drool over. This shop is also great at showcasing plants in an assortment of ways. From floor to ceiling, with mounted and hanging planters, it has me thinking “Yes, I still have room for more plants!”


This Australian shop has me wanting to book a flight! As you can see, I am a sucker for plants everywhere. The hanging planters and extra large mounted ferns are phenomenal, as are their ginormous air plants! I love their support of their locals artists as well. If you were looking to get inspired, they are definitely worth checking out.


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