Green: Plants for small spaces, indoors and out (Book Review)

A gorgeous and well rounded book filled with tips and tricks to style greenery in any space.

Green, the second book written by Jason Chongue, is a beautiful yet practical book for the urban gardener. It is filled with gorgeous imagery and many useful tips and tricks that beginner and more experienced gardeners can enjoy.

Book Summary

Similar to his first book, Jason Chongue fills this book with lots of helpful tips. From understanding your climate, to plant styling, and propagating, this book is pretty well rounded. It has a main focus on indoor gardening and plants, but it does list plants that are not so common with houseplant books. If you were looking for a book to help you choose/style your houseplants indoors and out, this book would be a great starting point.

What I Liked Most

I really love the overall layout of the book. It is very easy to get through and understand. It is equal parts beautiful and informational. I also really appreciate that the book has some tips for styling your outdoor spaces as well, such as balconies and patios. Most books on indoor plants don’t talk about outdoor spaces.

A great book to inspire the need for greenery in any space.

What I’ve Learned

I absolutely appreciate the list of not so typical plants and was able to discover some plants this way! There were a few plants listed that I never thought to put indoors and style with.

Their section on Plant Care is very useful! I definitely learned some new tricks to keep pests at bay and how to air layer propagate. Air layering is something I’ve never tried but after this book I feel confident I could do it. Definitely a book I will reference back to many times and I love that!

About The Author

Jason Chongue, an Australian native, is the author and Creative Director for the studio and store The Plant Society. He started as an architect and interior designer before merging his love for plants and design. In 2016, The Plant Society was founded, focusing on styling plants in urban spaces. Since then, they have amassed a huge following, and continue to spread the love of plants and design, indoors and out.

If you would like to follow along you can find them at and @theplantsocietyau
If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, you can find a copy here.

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