Plant Therapy Shop in San Francisco

Super thankful and excited to share that my planters are now at Plant Therapy in San Francisco, California. This shop has a fantastic assortment of plants and planters available!

A lush Hoya pubicalyx.

Plant Therapy was founded in 2018 by Chai Saechao, a knowledgeable plant enthusiast. Plant Therapy specializes in tropical and indoor greenery, keeping the apartment dwellers in mind. Being a shop in the city, they have a deep understanding that most in the area live in apartments. To make things easier for their customers, they offer potting or repotting services in store. They also provide workshops and events in store such as Plants and Wine! The team does a really great job with interacting and listening to their customers, making them a fan favorite in the area. After a year of first opening their doors, their popularity quickly spread, and they were able to open their second location on Market Street!

Just a few of the Cereus Cactus they have available.

If you are ever in the city, I would definitely recommend stopping by to check them out. Plant Therapy has two locations within the city, 687 O’Farrell Street and 2095 Market Street. I recommend checking their website here to see if any events or workshops are available for your visit. If you would like to see my planters in person, they are available at both locations.

Thanks so much in following along in my journey!


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